Story Structure

Use time-tested story structures to create better adventures!

All great stories need a beginning, a middle, and an end. On that basic structure writers and storytellers throughout the ages have woven variations and created masterpieces. We keep coming back to the same foundations today for one very good reason: those structures are versatile and continue to work. This book helps you leverage basic story structure and use it to your advantage. Tell the story you want to tell while keeping your audience engaged. You’ll have new tools in your storytelling toolbox, along with the knowledge of how and when to use them in your own creative works.

Designed for creative writers and tabletop roleplayers, with clear step-by-step instructions you can:

  • Utilize the traditional three-act structure
  • Learn what belongs in the beginning, middle, and end of your story
  • Cut down prep work by focusing on essential elements
  • Create a coherent, interconnected campaign or series of stories

Story Structure was designed to work with ReadWriteRoll, but is system-agnostic and can be used alone.

Go to DriveThruRPG and click on Full-size Preview to read the first few pages for free!

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