Status: December 2018

December 2018 Status Update

This is a monthly status update for Dancing Lights Press. The purpose of this page is to communicate upcoming projects, works in progress, and other information of interest to customers and fans. It will be updated periodically throughout the month. A new status page will be posted on the first of next month. Caveat: Nothing written here is set in stone. Everything is subject to change.

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9 December 2018

Regular blogging will begin around the time the new edition of the Lighthouse System launches. Posts will go to Patreon first, and appear on this website 72 hours later. Considering a relaunch of the newsletter, to aggregate the past week’s posts and updates. Also considering anthologizing each month’s post into PDF, epub, and Kindle formats, distributed as a freebie across multiple platforms.

3 December 2018

The three Lighthouse System settings we’ll focus on in 2019 will be Foragers World (fantasy archaeology, focused on recovering artifacts), The Moloch Timeline (real world/political thriller/horror), and The Big Zero Network (a universe based on 1960s camp TV shows). Playsets will be stand-alone mini-settings, each adding to one of these three larger settings. There may eventually be a science fiction universe and a superhero universe, but not until 2020.

Landing pages for these settings are being worked on. Need to finalize blurbs and graphics. Not ready to announce any specific titles yet.

2 December 2018

Released Worldbuilding Power: Divination, the first in the Worldbuilding Power series. There will be three sub-series, one on schools of magic (i.e. Divination), one on creature types (Beasts is scheduled to be the first) and one on types of terrain (Underground first, after Beasts). Releases will rotate between the three, so it won’t be all magic, then a bunch of creatures, than a run of terrain.

1 December 2018

Current Work in Progress:

  • Lighthouse System (Black Box Edition)

Projects Greenlit:

  • 3 settings for the Lighthouse System, titles TBA
  • An ongoing system-agnostic worldbuilding series to replace the Foragers Guild Guide line.
  • Reboot of the Patreon campaign.

Site Updates:

  • Need to create landing pages for existing product lines and the new settings.
  • Work on better integration with Patreon.

On the Back Burner:

  • Relaunching the newsletter.

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