[Lighthouse] Horror Monster Hunter

The following is a sample character from the Lighthouse Roleplaying System™, available at DriveThruRPG.

The monster hunter hunts monsters. It’s literally what he was born to do, and he has spent years training and perfecting his special gifts. He sometimes resents that he cannot have a normal life, but is proud that he’s making the world safe from monster-kind. When the lifestyle gets him down, he simply remembers that he can kick a wide variety of monster butt and look cool doing it.

One Big Thing (+5)

Chosen of the Endless Vigil – The monster hunter has been identified as the Chosen One by a shadowy organization known as the Endless Vigil. This means that he can identify monsters, their habits, and their weaknesses. It grants him immunity to most special monster attacks, and gives him the strength, speed, and endurance necessary to fight them. He can do the job he has been thrust into and look cool doing it.

Three Medium Things (+3)

Motorhead-Fu – The monster hunter is a car enthusiast. There’s little that he can’t drive, repair, or spout trivia about. He can utilize any sort of automotive-related skill and look cool doing it.

Sailing-Fu – On the water, the monster hunter is a master of non-powered vehicles. He can fix it, sail it, and tell you all about it’s history. There’s no sailing-related skill that he can’t employ and look cool doing it.

Camping-Fu – The monster hunter is an experienced outdoorsman, able to create shelter, make a fire, and locate food and water. He can hunt and track, too. There is no camping-related skill that he can’t perform and look cool doing it.

Five Small Things (+1)

Chainsaw-Fu – The character can use a chainsaw as a weapon and look cool doing it.

Gothic Novel-Fu – The character can spout facts about Gothic novels and related literature and look cool doing it.

Rock and Roll Trivia-Fu – The character can tell you all about rock and roll history and recite song lyrics, and look cool doing it.

Salesman-Fu – The character can convince people to buy things they don’t need, and look cool doing it.

Shotgun-Fu – The character can use a shotgun as a weapon, and look cool doing it.

Lighthouse Roleplaying System™ is available at DriveThruRPG.

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