For Writers & Roleplayers

There’s a notorious overlap between tabletop roleplayers and creative writers. A lot of modern genre authors started out chucking dice and fighting monsters. Others roleplayers enjoy writing stories just for fun. Some of us just want our tabletop experiences to be as cool as the books we read. The For Writers and Roleplayers line from Dancing Lights Press is for those people that enjoy telling stories and want to improve their craft.

RWR1801 For Writers and Roleplayers Bundle

Contains Building Characters, Setting Design, and Story Structure.

RWR1802 For Tabletop Roleplayers Bundle

Contains Roleplaying Alignment, Roleplaying Group Dynamics, Roleplaying Emotion, and Roleplaying Theme.

RWR1803 Story Design Bundle 1

Contains Breakout Stories, Chase Stories, Dark Horse Stories, Duel Stories, Journey Stories, Mystery Stories, Payback Stories, Rescue Stories, Search Stories, and Seduction Stories.

RWR1804 Story Design Bundle 2

Contains Change Stories, Coming of Age Stories, Curse Stories, Decline and Fall Stories, Obsession Stories, Rags to Riches Stories, Revelation Stories, Romance Stories, Sacrifice Stories, and Taboo Stories.

RWR1805 A Study in Storytelling Bundle

Contains A Scandal in Bohemia, The Red-Headed League, and A Case of Identity.

RWR1806 Genre Structure Bundle

Contains Genres Structure: Horror, Genre Structure: Fantasy, and Genre Structure: Science Fiction.

RWR1808 Premise: 100 Story Ideas Bundle

Contains Premise: Horror, Premise: Fantasy, Premise: Science Fiction, Premise: Weird Fiction, Five Fast Fables Vol. 1, and Five Fast Fables Vol. 2.

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