Dancing Lights Press is a tabletop roleplaying publisher. We embrace a minimalist aesthetic in design and presentation. Our print books are affordable, at $10 or less. The 6×9 digest format makes them convenient to carry around. The spotlight belongs on the creativity of the players as they converse and collaborate on their stories. Roleplaying is an activity, not a book. Our titles are merely tools.

Lighthouse System
roleplaying based on collaboration and cooperation | learn more soon

Lighthouse System Playsets
ready-to-run tabletop roleplaying stories | learn more soon

Setting Design
our best-selling manual on practical worldbuilding | learn more

Building Characters
our best-selling manual on effective character creation | learn more

Story Structure
our best-selling manual on crafting a satisfying tale | learn more

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Black Box Manifesto
some of the principles that guide us | learn more

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